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Export Market Development Grant (EMDG): How to scale beyond the shores of Australia

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For many small to medium-sized businesses, they quickly realise that the Australian market is limited and that the overseas market is the Holy Grail.

Venturing into these new markets can be daunting and expensive!

The Export Grant is there to partially assist with the costs of promotion and marketing of their products and services and reduce some of the financial risks.

Here is What You'll Learn

Are you eligible for the Export Grant? 

Are your products/services eligible for the Export Grant?

What expenses can you claim for?

How much can you get back?


About Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson, Director at Grant Central, has been helping Australian based small to medium-sized businesses with preparing and lodging their grants for the last 18 years. These grants include, at a Federal level, the R&D Tax Incentive, Accelerating Commercialisation and the Export Grant as well as state-based grant programs

Originally trained as an accountant, Erik decided to specialise in the Grants niche and works alongside many accounting firms helping them provide value-added services to their clients as well as working with clients directly.

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